prednisone productivity

If you’ve ever gone on prednisone, which is an adrenocortical steroid used for anti-inflammation in various ways, you know that it can really screw with your system. Irregular sleep patterns, achey feelings, and speed-like surges of adrenalin and inability to sleep. This is my life.

However, as a result, I think I had one of the most productive weekends of my life..

This weekend, I have:

1) implemented bandwidth throttling on my network
2) set up a webpage interface for my winamp/icecast stream
3) changed my oil and oil filter
4) degreased my engine (pictures soon – it looks like a brand new car!)
5) fixed my shower
6) fixed my toilet (okay, that overlaps into today)

I think that’s it. My mom told me she had a friend that used to take prednisone in order to study for her finals – I can see why, now.