coilpack, be sealed

Well, this weekend I attempted the procedure explained here on my car, and.. drumroll, please! .. it was a success!

My coilpack is now quite nicely sealed with a thick coat of epoxy and a couple of coats of polyurethane, for good measure. The intent is to keep water from getting up there and killing my engine’s performance and efficiency. It seems to have helped. I gave it the carwash test (a good auto carwash will send a shitload of water up the engine compartment’s way on the rockerpanel blast cycle). It passed quite nicely, where it would nearly stall out before.

The next problem I have is that I’ve got a wicked coolant leak. I thought it was just a hose, at first, but it looks like it might be the “continued coolant circulation pump”, which is a little pump that keeps the coolant circulating after the engine is off to keep it from standing still while it’s still hot enough to boil. I’ve heard people say it’s around $175. D’oh.. I am going to call around to a few junkyards.