This article is weird to

This article is weird to me. It’s about the in-depth controversy and research surrounding Dale Earnhardt’s death on

And I quote:

According to those close to the investigation, NASCAR spent more than $1 million, bringing together outside experts to delve into Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash at the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18, as well as taking a second look at relevant details from the crashes that claimed Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin and Tony Roper.


This is show time for NASCAR and its leaders. After some early PR missteps, then escaping to a bunker and putting a gag order on its independent experts, NASCAR fully understands the issues and questions it has to convincingly put to rest:

  • What caused Earnhardt's left lap belt to fail?
  • Is it correct, though, that it did not play a role in his death?
  • Looking ahead, is a redesign necessary to enhance crush resistance in the front end of cars?
  • How about bringing an accident data recorder (black box) on-board?
  • Or, any plans to address the absence of a full-time medical director?

So, let me get this straight. They spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on research to find out why someone died when their car slammed into a wall at speeds nearing 200 miles an hour? ONE. MILLION. DOLLARS.

Why don’t we spend a few million to research why dozens of young men are killed at the running of the bulls every year in Spain – it’s truly a mystery of the ages.

In all seriousness – I know they’re mostly just researching the safety factor, but it’s funny to me that they’re making it seem all dramatic – like they were investigating data from a blackbox in an airline crash or something. I can see NASCAR fans across my fair city even now, fanny packs strapped on so tight it’s cutting off the circulation to their brain, poring over the Dale Earnhardt Investigation like it was the friggin Warren Commission Report..