We started recording last night.

We started recording last night.

We had to rent a bunch of stuff.. an AKG D-112 for the kick drum.. a few SM57s, i think.. and two really nice boom mics.. I forget what they are.. and nice boom stands for them.. and plus we’ve already got a bunch of SM57s and a 58..

Basically for once we have enough equipment to record our drums really well. They sound fuckin awesome. Unfortunately, though, the overhead right mic on all the tracks we recorded last night was distorting and we didn’t notice, so we have to throw all that away.

Not a big deal, though. Live and Learn.

Because I don’t have a multiple-input soundcard, what we are doing is piping all the mics into my mackie mixer, to use the pre-amps, and doing the actual recording of them on daniel’s 8-track.

From there, we are just going to dump each track individually into vegas audio on my computer. It’s a pain, because we have to do one track (four drum tracks for each mic per song) at a time to record it into the computer. Slow-going, but it’s worth it. Such is the price you pay for mixing flexibility.

After that, it’s all digital. I really need one of these. Anyone want to lend me a grand?