I just had the most

I just had the most annoying experience. I was buying rolls of quarters and beer at the store. I bought the beer first, and then went to the customer service desk to get quarters.

They told me I couldn’t buy them with a credit card (since, I guess it’s not really a purchase, but a currency transaction), so I went to the ATM to get cash.

I pop in my card, PIN, and get out $30. It spits out my money and a receipt, and I yank it out and stare at it, as it says I just withdrew $50.

Upon closer inspection for about 10 seconds, I realize it’s not my account number, and it was someone else’s receipt. Simultaneously, I realize it’s printing out MY receipt, and I reach for it, just as the machine sucks my card back into the machine. For good. No warning, no beeping, no suck in and out to get my attention. Nothing. No more credit card.

Of course, the bank closed early since it’s a saturday, too. So, I’m stuck without any money for the whole weekend. Except for the $30, of course. So much for doing laundry.

If ATM’s were people, this one would be a bitch.