I think thinkgeek.com pretty much

I think thinkgeek.com pretty much represents everything I never want to be, and everything that I hate about so-called “geek culture”.

If I’m ever wearing a t-shirt that says “got root?”, please, just shoot me.

I found a rant on this topic from a guy that sounds a lot angrier than I am – in general. It’s pretty funny. And I quote:

"and the worst part of it all is.. Geeks are starting to MARKET their fucking label. Take thinkgeek.com for instance. They sell t-shirts with binary code on the front that reads "YOU ARE DUMB ". What? Dumb? You're the one with fucking binary on your t-shirt you corporate fuckrag. If you hate upper management so much, if you think they're so stupid, then why are you slaves to their bidding?"