Amanda and I are pulling

Amanda and I are pulling another all-nighter to fix our sleep schedules. Around 5AM when we were still tossing and turning it became apparent that we might as well abort the attempt at sleep.

She and I tend to be the same way in our inability to keep a regular sleep schedule, and sometimes it makes me wonder if there isn’t a better way. Enter the 28-hour day. I’ve been reading a little bit about it.

It’s interesting, but not very plausible, I don’t think. It sounds nice, but I’d question whether or not humans are actually that detached from night/day fluctuations, and whether the rest of the world could handle that.. I get the feeling that webpage was written by lethargic, lazy computer dork types (like myself) who would probably be on a more normal sleep schedule if their physical activity for the day didn’t consist of getting out of bed and walking to the computer and back.